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2011 icam Australasia Adelaide

icam Australasia network inaugural meeting

An Australasian network of the International Confederation of Architectural Museums (icam) formed in October 2010 at a seminar convened in Adelaide by the Architecture Museum in the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia. Representatives of nine institutions and organizations attended and exchanged information about their collections, policies, activities and other matters of common interest. They gave short presentations about their collections focusing on topics including:

  • their setting (state library, government or professional organization, university)
  • key client groups and how clients use the collection
  • annual enquiry and visitor numbers
  • source(s) of funding
  • collection foci and limits and how these are determined
  • main issues and matters of concern
  • current initiatives, for example, collecting strategies, digitization projects
  • proposed or potential future collection directions.

Information was also presented at the seminar about icam and its aims, objectives and activities. The attendees expressed a keen interest in continuing to meet, initially on an annual basis, and in establishing a regional network which was formalised as icam Australasia.